Monday, July 26, 2010

Not Done Yet

So, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth although it does seem that way. Here's a brief recap of what's happened in the days since February 13:

  • H turned 3. I could do a whole post about how difficult May 1 is, the day before his birthday is always very hard for me. I always cry when I put him to bed. I guess it's a reminder of God's grace and provision that either of us are here right now. I usually don't think about the night he was born but on May 1, it all comes back to me.
  • We finished yet another year of school. K finished 2nd grade which is somewhat unbelievable. What's more unbelievable is that L finished Kindergarten and is reading like crazy. Growing way too fast.
  • I finished my first year of working outside the home. I was so ready to be done with that mess it wasn't even funny. I am going to do the same thing this fall and will even have a whole day to myself when H is in school. K3 here we come!
  • K turned 8. She is now a young lady, not a little girl. So sweet, such a helper, and has a very giving spirit.
  • L turned 6. She is as spunky as ever and is way too young to be into dangly earrings. Yet she is. She still has her L-isms that keep me cracking up. I wish I could remember all of the ones she has come up with over the last 5 months. Alas, I cannot, as I cannot remember yesterday all that well. How am I supposed to remember 5 months ago?
  • I got to spend a fabulous girls' weekend with a dear friend on a trip to my hometown. I also spent some much-needed one-on-one time with my mother. We have never spent that much time together since I got married. It was a definite blessing.
  • We spend our very first Easter with Nana. We've always stayed home for that holiday as trying to get on the road after a big Easter dinner is almost impossible. However, this year the Easter holiday was the beginning of our spring break so we spent a couple of extra days with the grandparents.
  • The kids, all of them, spent two weeks at a day camp at our school, focusing on cooking and art. We came home with some really cool art projects which I hope to share at some point.
  • We have conquered potty training. No more diapers at this house!

Now that you're all caught up, I hope to continue to post blogs more regularly. My goal is to post once a week but that's a lofty expectation at this point. I pray all of you have been well!