Friday, July 20, 2007

H's story

Most of you know the story of how H made his way into this world but I wanted to save it for posterity so here it is. I'll do my best to keep it short but there's just so much to share! I'll have to do this in several posts to keep it from being too long.

On May 2, 2007, I spent the day as I usually did. I took K to school, L to gymnastics, and spent the afternoon attempting a nap. I was 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant. S, my sweet husband, kept L while K and I went to Wednesday night church. I came home and the whirlwind of putting the girls to bed began. The phone rang while S was praying with the girls so I answered it. I was on the phone for about 10 minutes. S came into the living saying it was time for me to sing with the girls (those of you who know us know that S was not blessed with a singing voice). I stood up to do just that and felt a pop and a little liquid between my legs (sorry to gross you out). I figured I had wet myself, a common occurrence in late pregnancy. Well, it wasn't what I thought it was. It was blood. I ran to the bathroom and called my doctor. At this point I was sitting on the toilet and blood was gushing, not trickling, and I started to panic. I screamed for S and told him to call 911 since both of my hands were occupied trying to stop the bleeding. When my doctor called back he told S to get me to the hospital ASAP. I used S's cell phone to call my friend, an OB nurse, and she told me that I needed to calm down but they would probably take the baby that night and that she would begin praying.

All I could think was that it was too early and that H would be born with severe problems. We heard the sirens from the fire truck and S ran out to meet them. The paramedics arrived within 10 minutes of us calling. They asked all sorts of questions but the one that scared me the most was, "When did you last feel the baby move?" Then I started feeling light-headed and told the EMTs that I needed to lie down. That's when I started going in and out of consciousness. They kept telling me to stay awake but I was having trouble due to the massive amount of blood I was losing. We had called a friend to come stay with the girls so S could go to the hospital with me. The EMTs told him to follow behind them and get my ID and insurance card to expedite the admission process. The last thing I remember at home is my friend telling me that everything was going to be all right.


emily said...

hey- i don't have enough time right now to sit and really read h's story w/ no distractions, so i am saving that for tonite... BUT i wanted to tell you that this posted under "july 20", which is probably when you started writing this one.... i have done that before. it didn't show up at the top of your blog like i am guessing that you wanted it to. i only saw these b/c my feed reader said you had 4 new posts! so i just thought i'd tell you so you can change the date... unless you meant for them to post way down near the bottom. :)

mama said...

I really just wanted it for posterity. I wanted to be able to link to it on the front page and you can only do that if you actually post it. So I figured I would post it, whatever the date may have been, and then link to it later. That way people can read it when they have time :)